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I believe that everyone understands kindness. I am passionate about giving and investing in the next generation. Call me idealistic, but I believe any act of kindness, no matter how small or simple, can change a heart. When hearts change, our world changes. I saw first hand how my family inspired others. Can you imagine what a home, neighborhood, community or world would look like with many people working together to spread a little extra joy? 
~ Kelly Christine


SouthField Church, located in Channahon, IL, is embarking on a giving adventure together. For 25 days, their community will be showered with acts of kindness and service.


We can't wait to hear the stories of changed lives!



From now until January 1st, order your copy of "Embracing a Spirit of Giving" for $5. 


This wonderful resource helps people create special memories doing life’s most cherished act - Giving.

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