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"Enjoying your book. It motivated me to change up our school day today and make my good intention an action. So well written, to say something so needed, in such a beautiful, simple way. It is an easy read that is motivational, and makes me stop and think. Moms need to read this. Homeschool moms. Traditional school moms. Working moms. Stay at home moms. Aunts. Sisters. Dads. Christians. Non-believers. Good stuff!!!"

~Krist Scott

""A game-changer for families today..."

~Teresa Snyder, Children's Pastor "Friendship Community Church"

"Last night I got to sit down and read some of the book and I actually think we are going to start our 25 days AFTER Christmas to continue the reason for the season. I may start the 26th, or Jan. 1st… but anyway, not the point. I admire you so much. You took a situation and made it into something beautiful. I am learning that this is not always the case, especially when this time of year is too-often focused on the 'getting' vs. the giving. I am excited to do this with my children, and just wanted you to know this."

~Jessica Diedrich

""Wow! It's just Day 2, and we are having such a blast living this out! Thank you for your inspiration!"

~Jessica Brimm

"Imagine if what we experience during Christmas is carried on throughout the year. Wouldn't it be grand if people elected to extend this spirit of giving, joy and love throughout the year--as their New Year Resolution? 'Embracinga Spirit of Giving,' has enlightened many readers on what they can do to bring joy to others, not only during the 25 days of Christmas but all year long. Your heart will be filled with warmth! A smile may be all it takes."

~Sandy Stansell

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