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The Book

A quiet November night finds a mother of three young children contemplating a troubling situation. As Christmas approaches, her kids are overly absorbed with what THEY want for presents. The slew of TV commercials and newspaper ads has them diverted from what their mother learned in her childhood about the true meaning of Christmas: the spirit of giving, as exemplified by the birth and life of Jesus Christ.


What could she do with the odds stacked against her? How could she teach her children about the true spirit of giving? And more importantly, would any such attempt stick?


She recalled learning that behaviors and personal habits are changed after many days of practice.


Then an idea inspired her. She designed a 25-day adventure for her family. Each day, they would give to others in simple and creative ways as they counted down to Christmas morning. Without her children even being aware of it, she was slowly creating in them a long-lasting giving spirit.


Follow an extraordinary journey of how one mother discovered a way to instill in her children the true spirit of giving. Laugh at the unexpected twists and hold your emotions as you witness how one family touched many people with overwhelming expressions of love.


Kelly Christine shares how you can make your own memories with her easy-to-follow guidelines and suggestions. She then gives you extra pages to create and record your own story that is sure to be a treasure for years to come!


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